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What Clients Are Saying:



"Boun has helped me take it up a notch with my wardrobe!  She is so talented and creative!  I love that she would offer me several ways of wearing an outfit so I can take it from day to night if needed.  I always look forward to my time with Boun!"


Ann N.

Medina, MN


"Thanks again for the great service.  My closet was a mess and shopping was never my forte'.  You were fast and spot on in giving me a great style.  The attention we received in each store was incredible, never had that on my own. Count me in every season!"


Todd S.

VP, Entrepeneur

Los Angeles, CA


"Working with you has proven that shopping can be both efficient and fun!  It is great to get a season's worth of clothes in a couple of hours.  It is even better to not have the stress to find the time to do it on my own!  In addition, I had  underestimated how great it is to know that I look great! You are such an incredible lady!"


Jody F.


Maple Grove, MN


"First of all, I hate shopping and we got everything I needed in 2.5 hours.  That alone was worth the experience.  Most importantly, I look good (and everyone has commented on that fact) and I feel comfortable and confident in the clothes as well.  Clearly, you're doing something right! Can't thank you enough, I am a VERY satisfied customer." 


Jon R.

Family Physician

Minnetonka, MN


"I have shopped with Boun on a few 

different occasions and have found it to be 
an awesome experience.  Boun's knowledge 
of  the current trends combined with  clothes 
that fit your body shape. lifestyle, and budget 
are invaluable.  Shopping with her is  like 
shopping with your best friend as she  makes 
it fun, gives you her honest opinion, and she  will
persevere until she finds exactly  the 
right look and feel.  I consider personal 
shopping to be a way of saving money and
precious time.  I would definitely recommend 
her services without hesitation. Thanks 
Boun!  You're the Best!"
Christine D.

Nurse Anesthia

Rochester, MN


"Boun was great! She had everything 

picked out, ready to try on, and 
commanded the full attention of every 
store that we visited.  I spent less time 
shopping with her for an entire season of 
clothes than it usually  takes me to find a 
pair of shoes."


Dan M.


Medina, MN


"Boun has made getting dressed so much easier. I love the way I look and she absolutely gets my style!"


Laurie M.

Los Angeles, CA













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